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Purchase of a Real Property in Turkey, Alanya with our company «Zera Homes»

Our company «Zera Homes» - occupies one of the leading positions in the real estate market of the city of Alanya, it's a licensed real estate agency, as well as a construction company on the Mediterranean coast since 2010.
Most of all, our company boasts a very extensive and relevant database of various real estate properties in Turkey.
Our main task is to satisfy our customers requirements.
«Zera Homes» provides services in the following areas: assistance with the purchase and sale of real estate, preparation of all necessary documents, as well as accompany our customers at all stages of the purchase. Our experienced staff will assist you in getting a mortgage on the most favorable terms, to insure the property.

Property in Alanya

Turkey has long proudly bears the title of one of the most popular tourist destinations among nationals from different countries. But, Why Alanya!? Yes, because Alanya is the sunniest region on the Mediterranean coast, there are more than 300 sunny days a year. In summer, the temperature is about 30-35 degrees, in winter the thermometer does not fall below 15-16 degrees. You can live here and rest with comfort all year around. You will not need fur coats and hats.
Of course, one of the main reasons for deciding to buy property in Alanya is the fresh sea air and a nice weather. And of course the sunbathing! Alanya beaches are in the top 10 list of the best beaches in Turkey, and moreover the beaches are granted the international «Blue Flag» award.
The magnificent sandy 70 km long beaches. Most of the apartment complexes are located within walking distance from the sea and have hotel infrastructure: pools, tennis courts, spa centers and much more. There is another important reason to buy property in this paradise are fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Alanya farmers grow a significant share of all agricultural products in country.
And if you compare the cost of living in Turkey with Europe, living in Turkey is much cheaper. Moreover, the quality of life is in no way inferior, and in some aspects even superior.

How to Buy Real Estate in Turkey, Alanya

Would you like to become a happy owner of real estate by the sea!?
Our company «Zera Homes» can offer you a huge number of different options for apartments, villas, land to every taste and budget. Europeans and Russians buyers most often choose the Mediterranean, mostly Alanya for vacation and investment. This is the region with the most developed infrastructure and it is easy for foreigners to adapt here.
Foreign property owners in Turkey are in no way limited in their stay in the country. You can get a residence permit and relax here all year round. The main criterion for buyers is the optimal combination of the price and quality of local real estate. In Turkey, low tax rates on real estate and reasonable prices for utilities.
Local real estate is not only liquid and easy to rent out, but its steadily growing in price.
Contact Us, we will help you find the best option for you!

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Useful Info

Residence Permit

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and fascinating country in the world. One day, you will make a decision to spend the most of your time here!

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Apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

There are several benefits of having a Turkish citizenship, especially while owning a property and being a permanent resident in Turkey

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The cost of buying property in Turkey

Our potential customers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost of buying property in Turkey is much lower than in other countries. 

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TAPU (A Certificate of Ownership)

What is a TAPU?
TAPU is the only legal document certifying ownership of a property in Turkey.

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Process of buying property in Turkey

The process of buying property in Turkey is quite simple. All objects that our company deals with are passed an appropriate verification procedure.

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Mortgage in Turkey

Have you ever considered the purchase of property in Turkey, but you didn't have sufficient financial. It's not a problem, we will help you.

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Expansion of roads in rural areas of Alanya

Expansion of roads in rural areas of Alanya

In the vicinity of Alanya, in small villages, where most residents live, they began to expand roads, lay asphalt, and improve the territory.

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The most popular baby names in 2020

The most popular baby names in 2020

Every year in Turkey, the General Directorate for Population and Citizenship Issues publishes the most popular names that were most often given to newborns in 2020.

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Alanya in the \

Alanya in the \"green\" zone

Just a month ago, Alanya was in high school for data on the disease and infection with coronavirus.

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The Theater of Alanya received well-deserved awards

The Theater of Alanya received well-deserved awards

In the new season, the Municipal Theater of Alanya presented two new performances and received 5 awards.

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The head of the Ministry of the health of Turkey was cultivated from Covid-19

The head of the Ministry of the health of Turkey was cultivated from Covid-19

The Turkish Ministry of Health has approved the emergency use of the Chinese coronavac vaccine against COVID-19, samples of which have been tested in the country's laboratories for the past 14 days.

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Turkey plans to open the season in April 2021

Turkey plans to open the season in April 2021

Turkey plans to give an early start to the start of the season this year.

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