How to open an account in Turkish Bank ?


How to open an account in Turkish Bank ?

A foreigner who has bought real estate in Turkey needs a Turkish bank account.
What is it for?


  • to transfer funds for the purchase of real estate;
  • to pay utility bills;
  • to pay annual taxes;
  • to pay the state tax for obtaining / renewing a residence permit;
  • to receive rental for renting out the property;
  • to make purchases on the Internet;
  • having a bank card tied to the deposit will save you from the need to keep funds in the house.

Before opening a bank account, be very responsible when choosing a financial institution.

When making a choice, it is worth collecting as much information about the bank as possible, especially about the conditions and advantages of opening an account in this particular financial institution. You also need to make sure that the bank you have chosen has an online service system. With its help, you can easily make obligatory payments from anywhere in the world.


Documents required to open a bank account in Turkey:

  • travel passport;
  • Individual Tax Number, which can be obtained from the local tax office;
  • residence permit or other document confirming your address in Turkey, for example, an electricity bill.

A bank employee fills out all the necessary documents, which then need to be signed. The account will be opened immediately, and the plastic card will be issued within 7-10 business days.

The most popular banks among foreigners are Garanti Bankası, AKBank, DenizBank, Türkiye İş Bankası, Ziraat Bankası, YapıKredi Bank, KüveitTürk Bankası and others.

As for protecting your funds in a bank account, it is absolutely safe to keep money in Turkish banks. Everything in the Turkish banking system is quite simple and transparent. In addition, all accounts are insured, so even if the bank goes bankrupt, your money can be returned in full.


Zera Homes professionals will help you choose a Turkish bank and prepare all the necessary documents to open an account.