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Explore Demirtas (61 Properties found)

  • Demirtaş is the most eastern region of Alanya, located in 25 km from the center of Alanya and only in 15 km from the Gazipaşa airport.

    The region is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, surrounded by evergreen coniferous forests. It is quiet and calm in the area. The purest air and the magnificent nature with stunning landscapes make this area special.

    Demirtaş has no hotels, large restaurants or  nightclubs, there are no tourists and the city rush, but there you will have a chance to plunge into the beauty of the nature and the cleanest air and enjoy the unforgettable panoramic views of the area.

    The population of the region is no more than 3000 people. The main activity of the local population is agriculture and livestock breeding.

    Real estate in Demirtaş is represented mainly by villas and townhouses on the mountains slopes. The prices of the porperty there are low due to the remoteness of the region from the Alanya center and the lack of active construction development. But every year this area attracts more and more foreigners.

    The infrastructure in Demirtaş is not as diverse as in other areas of Alanya, but at the same time the region has a number of other advantages that favorably  distinguish it among other areas: the nature, the purest air and clean beaches.

    The beaches of the area are mostly sandy, with small pebbles in places. The entrance to the sea is gentle and convenient. The famous Turtle Beach is also located there. This beach is favoured by local reptiles, so that is how it got its name.

    In the region there is a kindergarten, several schools, small local grocery stores and restaurants along the coastline. You can reach Demirtaş from Alanya or the Gazipaşa airport by D400 bus, which runs every day. You may also take a taxi or rent a car. Demirtaş is a perfect place for a summer vacation or permanent residence in your own home. A house in the nature with its own territory and a small garden away from the city rush is much more than a dream.