Explore Konakli (35 Properties found)

  • Konaklı is the closest region of Alanya, located to the west of the Alanya center. The region is located just in 12 km from the Alanya center, 124 km from Antalya and 58 km from the Gazipaşa airport.

    Konakli is a resort area of Alanya. There are many hotels on the first coastline and well-developed infrastructure. There you can have a great seasonal vacation, thanks to the equipped embankment and sandy-pebble beaches, and choose a country house or an apartment for permanent stay.

    The area's real estate is diverse. Konaklı offers you luxury villas on the first coastline with stunning direct sea views, secondary and primary housing apartments and country houses at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. There is no active construction development or high-rise buildings in the region. New residential complexes are not built often, but despite this they offer you a separate closed territory with developed infrastructure. In Konaklı you can find real estate both on the first coastline and in 2-3 km from it.

    The infrastructure of the region is well developed. There is even a region center with a chapel  a local landmark ‒ a tower with a clock. There are many restaurants, a shopping center, a Turkish bath, hotels, bars, various shops, a post office, clinics, parks, a children's amusement park with attractions and night clubs nearby. On Wednesdays, the area hosts a farmers’ market with local products, textiles, souvenirs and much more. The beaches of Konaklı, as well as the entire coast of Alanya, are covered with stone slabs. But thanks to the many hotels on the coast, the beaches are maintained, covered in sand and pebble and have a gentle entrance into the water.

    Konaklı is the region loved by many foreigners due to its proximity to the Alanya center, a calm measured lifestyle, well-developed infrastructure and beautiful nature with excellent beaches.