Explore Oba (400 Properties found)

  • Oba is a prestigious modern resort area located 5 km east of the Alanya center. Oba is one of the most popular areas for real estate selection among all areas of the district.

    The Oba region is a balanced combination of low-rise buildings and well-developed infrastructure. This area is preferred by both foreigners and locals for living and seasonal vacation. There is real estate for every taste such as secondary, primary housing and real estate at the construction stage.

    The region got its name from the mountain stream Oba, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea and indirectly divides the center of Alanya and the Oba region. Oba itself is also divided into 2 parts by a ring road. Its upper part is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, while the lower part is located between the coastline and the ring road.

    The central streets of the region are well-maintained, the infrastructure is excellently developed. The landscaped green streets and the abundance of orange trees make this area more attractive and distinguished among others. Besides, there are large shopping and entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, bank branches and large Metro and Koçtaş supermarkets. The region residents can spend their leisure time at volleyball and basketball courts, a football field, tennis courts, parks, children's playgrounds, cycling and walking paths.

    The beaches of this area are mostly sandy, with small pebbles in places. The total length of the coastline is about 3 km. The entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable, that is why this area is often chosen for permanent residence by both foreigners and locals.

    The well-developed infrastructure, the excellent location, the nice beach and the beauty of the nature make Oba one of the most attractive areas for foreigners to buy residential real estate.