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Explore Payallar (30 Properties found)

  • Payallar is a small coastal area of Alanya, located in 14 km from the center of Alanya, 58 km from the Gazipaşa airport and 110 km from the Antalya airport.

    Payallar is also known as the region with a huge number of greenhouses, since agriculture is very well developed there. There is no wide selection of real estate in this area. Mostly villas and country houses are presented there. Most of the residents of Payallar are local people who are engaged in agriculture.

    The length of the Payallar’s coastline is 4 km. The beaches there are various with sand and pebble areas, sandy beaches and places with stone slabs. The infrastructure of the area is represented by local supermarket chains, grocery stores and small markets.

    Payallar is the area for those who prefer a measured and calm vacation.