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It is profitable to invest in apartments and villas under construction, in residential complexes with rich infrastructure. At the excavation stage, the cost of real estate is the lowest, moreover, at this stage you can use an interest-free installment payment plan until the end of the construction, with a down payment of 20% -50% of the selected apartment or villa's cost.

After the residential complex is put into operation, you will be able to resell your property with a 15% -20% markup.

Iskan is a technical passport of the property, i.e. the act of putting the unit of real estate into operation.

There are 2 types of Iskan:

Genel Iskan is a general technical passport issued for the entire residential complex. The construction developer registers Genel Iskan at his own expense. Genel Iskan is issued by the competent authorities, subject to compliance with all standards to which the state authorities of Turkey are obliged.

The second Iskan is called Ferdi Iskan, a technical passport issued for a separate apartment or a villa. Ferdi Iskan is issued once and only when purchasing real estate in a new building. This document displays the technical characteristics of the apartment.

If the building does not have an Iskan, then it is considered not put into operation, so there is no official permission for the owners to settle in the residential complex. If within five years the construction developer does not get Genel Iskan, the license is automatically canceled, the building becomes illegal and is determined for demolition by a court decision .

Zera Homes does not sell real estate without Iskan. Before offering a client an apartment or a villa, our professional sales managers carefully check the availability of all documents.


Installment plan is a method of payment in which only a part of the cost of an apartment is initially paid, and the rest is divided into parts and paid monthly without interest.
This payment method is possible for objects under construction. The amount of the initial payment, as well as the monthly payment, depends on the stage of construction and the terms of the installment plan from the construction developer.

This question cannot be answered directly. Each of the regions of Alanya is different from the other. For example, the center of Alanya has the most extensive infrastructure, the Mahmutlar region is the most international one, the Kestel area is within walking distance to the sea and has low-rise buildings, no higher than 5 floors. Choosing an apartment in Alanya, you can focus on your needs and lifestyle, and the Zera Homes professionals will always help you to choose the area that meets your requirements.

The 1 + 1 layout is an apartment/house with one bedroom and one living room. According to the designation, the first figure indicates the number of bedrooms, the second figure indicates the number of living rooms. Based on this, a 2 + 1 layout means the presence of 2 bedrooms and one living room, and so on. There are also 3 + 2 layouts (or 2 + 2, etc.), where 3 is the number of bedrooms, 2 is the number of living rooms. All apartments, regardless of their layouts, have a bathroom (s), kitchen, balcony (s).

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