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  1. City news

Alanya keeps getting ready for winter.

The municipality continues to drain rainwater and clean up Khaset and Oba streams. Workers do their best to reduce the risk of flooding during the winter in both areas.

At the same time, throughout the city, they continue to work on cleaning manholes and culverts.

Mayor Adem Murat Yücel assured: "WE WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS IN THE WINTER."

  1. Sport news

From 25 to 31 October on the beach Galip Dere Plajı the super final of the Turkish Beach Soccer League will run.

The first three days are devoted to group competitions.

On Saturday, October 29, the quarter-finals will take place.

Sunday, October 30 is scheduled for the semi-finals.

And on Monday, October 31 we will watch finals.

After the final matches, an awards ceremony will be held for the winners.

  1. International news

Since 2019, mangoes have been grown in Alanya. Local tropical fruit has a special taste and aroma. 

It turned out that the trees give so much harvest that local mango can be exported.

"We get about 50 kilograms of fruit per tree," said the President of the Chamber of Agriculture.

This year it is planned to send the first batch of mangoes to Russia. Negotiations with Kazakhstan are already underway.

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