Additional costs when buying a property in Turkey

Additional costs when buying a property in Turkey

When buying real estate in Turkey, there are additional costs that the buyer should be aware of.

Here is a list of expenses that need to be included in your budget:

- payment of a capital property tax

- obtaining TAPU, and its fees

- DASK - state insurance against earthquake 

- services of a sworn translator for obtaining TAPU

- registering of electricity and water meters.

Also, do not forget about the cost of maintaining real estate in Turkey:

- real estate tax which is about 0.2% of the price of real estate indicated in the TAPU per year;

- AİDAT utility payments - starting from 30 TL per month, depending on the quality of the property's amenities: the final amount is set by the annual homeowners meeting;

- utility payment - approximately 0.32 TL per kW of electricity and 2.5 TL per cubic meter. m of water supply.

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