Erdoğan announced new restrictions on Ramadan

Erdoğan announced new restrictions on Ramadan

On April 13, Ankara hosted a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the main topic of which was the tightening of restrictive measures.

President Erdoğan announced new restrictive measures that will be implemented during this two-week period from April 14 to 28:

  • Weekend curfew

  • Curfew on weekdays from 19:00 to 05:00

  • Intercity travels are allowed only in case of urgent need

  • Use of public transportation is prohibited for persons over 65 and under 18 years of age

  • Government establishments work until 16:00

  • Women workers of the public sector who are pregnant women, have chronic illness and have a child under 10 will be given administrative leave 

  • Full-time education is allowed only for pre-schools and grades 8 and 12

  • Eateries, gyms and similar establishments halt their activities until the end of the Eid holiday

  • Restaurants and similar businesses will only to work with takeaway / package service until the end of Ramadan

  • All events held in closed areas such as weddings, engagement parties and henna nights are postponed until after the Eid holiday

  • Hotels will be able to serve only their customers

  • Mass iftars are prohibited in homes and other accommodation facilities.

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