Medical insurance in Turkey

Medical insurance in Turkey

Travelling to Turkey, do not forget about your safety. Medical care in Turkey is paid, so it is better to have medical insurance, which will save money on paying for medical services, if necessary. As a rule, the cost of medical insurance is included in the tour price. Such medical insurance will be a good option for tourists who do not suffer from a chronic illness, do not intend to engage in extreme sports or who are not of the senior retirement age.

Medical insurance for a residence permit in Turkey

To obtain or renew a residence permit, it is required to have a Genel Sağlık Sigortası health insurance.

The insurance policy must indicate:

  • inpatient medical care,

  • outpatient medical care,

  • medicines,

  • medical supplies.

If a foreigner is insured in his own country, and there is an agreement on the recognition of health insurance between this country and Turkey, there is no need to apply for additional insurance.

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