Online sales of real estate in Turkey

Online sales of real estate in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is getting easier.

At the moment, you can make a deal online. This can be done not only by a person living in the Republic of Turkey, but also by a foreign citizen.

The procedure for buying real estate remotely takes place in two stages.

1. Choice of housing. In order to see your future home, it is not necessary to fly to Turkey. It is enough to order viewing of an apartment or villa online.
2. Buying a home. Once the property is selected, it can be purchased remotely. A sale and purchase transaction is concluded, copies of several documents are drawn up. One of them will be needed to open a bank account where the client can transfer money from the bank of his country. Next, you need to get TAPU - the main document for the owner for real estate in Turkey. To obtain a TAPU, the buyer needs to obtain a power of attorney in his country, issued to the selling company, at one of the Turkish embassies. There is absolutely no risk. The power of attorney contains all the data about the property, it is spelled out who issues the power of attorney and to whom.

The procedure for buying real estate in Turkey remotely is very simple.

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