Tax Reference Number in Turkey: how and what for?

Tax Reference Number in Turkey: how and what for?

In Turkey, the sale of real estate to foreign citizens is simplified as much as possible. However, there are mandatory procedures, without which the execution of a purchase and sale transaction is impossible. One of them is the registration of a tax reference number (TRN).

TRN is a unique number that is assigned to a person when he or she is registered with the Turkish tax service. The presence of a tax number is mandatory, since it will be required when performing various operations, such as opening a bank account, obtaining a loan or mortgage, purchasing real estate, paying utility bills, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, employment, insurance, paying taxes and state duties. That is, for almost any process, TRN is required.

You can get the TRN at the nearest tax office or online.

If the document is lost, then it can be restored at any office of the tax service.

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