At the end of last year, we posted some articles about the new rules for obtaining a residence permit in 2023. Those who read them carefully made the right decision and closed the deal before the new rules came into effect.

Here are the latest updates:

1. Initial obtaining a residence permit in Türkiye 

In order to receive a 6-month tourist residence permit, an income certificate should be provided as proof of income outside of Türkiye. This is a mandatory requirement.  An income certificate is the only document that an apostille can be put on. 

 Note that the following documents will not be accepted as proof of your income:

- Bank account and cash flow statement

- Employment contract 

If you are self-employed, complete the income statement for the previous months yourself.

Apostille the statement in your country or at the Embassy, translate it in Türkiye at the notary’s office, and attach it to the application for a residence permit.

  1. Residence permit extension in Turkiye

Tourist residence permit based on a lease cannot be extended.

A tourist residence permit by tapu can be extended only if all supporting documents, such as certificate and tapu, are attached. The income statement can also be requested, so prepare it in advance.

And keep in mind that not everyone receives an extension, even if they have tapu.

 Up to now, all Zera Homes clients, who have applied for a residence permit extension, have been approved.

  1. How to get a residence permit in a closed area in Alanya

Even though the procedure is complicated, you can still do it. All you need is to meet all the requirements.

If you bought an apartment and got a certificate of ownership before June 01, 2022, apply in person to Goc Dairesi, Migration Service.

Documents you must provide:



Marriage certificate with an apostille and its translation if the tapu is issued to both husband and wife names.

Tapu is issued only to legal spouses and their children under 18. Joint ownership with third parties is not possible.

After you answer all the officer's questions, and if the documents are in order, the officer will give you a questionnaire with the appointment date.

To summarize:

1.​ONLY an income certificate can obtain an apostille.  It cannot be put on the employment contract.  So far, the income certificate is only required for the 6-months tourist residence permit, but we advise everyone to prepare it.

2.​A residence permit can be obtained in closed areas if you have received an ownership certificate before June 01, 2022. In this case, you should fill out a questionnaire at the Turkish Migration Police by yourself.

❗❗️These rules apply to all foreign citizens and all passports.

We recommend you prepare all the documents in advance, because if you are refused due to the lack of any paper, for example, an income certificate with an apostille, you will have to leave Türkiye within 10 days.

If you are going to Zera Homes to make a deal, double-check with your manager what documents you need to bring as the rules can change very quickly.

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