1. Türkiye - the world record holder in black tea drinking - 90%

Türkiye is always associated with the aromas of natural coffee and fragrant tea. We can imagine the Turks sitting at the tables and sipping tea from the small glasses - bardak. Always black, hot, and strong.

In 1787 tea seeds were brought from Japan and since then it became the favorite drink of locals and guests of the country. It is drunk everywhere and on every occasion, given as a gift, and exported.

Second place went to Kenya, with Pakistan and Morocco in third and fourth place.

  1. In Türkiye the Patara bridge will soon be completed

The side and center piers of the bridge are already built. The bridge is 110 meters long and 17.5 meters wide. Completion is planned for the near future and the finishing touches are being put on.

The bridge will connect the districts of Kas in Antalya province and Seydikemer in Mugla province, and the ancient towns of Patara and Xanthos.

  1. The number of charging stations for electric cars will increase to 10 thousand.

So far, there are 6,500 of them on the biggest highways.

Since there is a great demand for domestic TOGG vehicles in the country, increasing the number of charging stations has become a necessity. By the end of the year, it is planned to increase their number to 10,000.

"Now we have 122 companies that have obtained licenses and can install charging stations. The network is growing exponentially, we will continue to increase it, and we will cooperate with new companies," Bairam said.


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