Turnaround time of documents for real estate in Turkey

Turnaround time of documents for real estate in Turkey

According to the current legislation of Turkey, if you purchase real estate in a building where foreigners already live, you can obtain TAPU (Certificate of Ownership) in just 3-5 working days. At the same time, to obtain TAPU, obtaining a primary residence permit and waiting for a resolution from Ankara is not neceessary. The transaction can be closed literally in one visit to Turkey.

To obtainTAPU, one must have:

  • filled application - can be obtained on site;

  • a travel passport;

  • tax ID number in Turkey;

  • 2 color photos 3.5x4.5 cm;

  • receipts for payment of taxes and state fees;

At the moment, TAPU is the only document that confirms ownership and cannot be fought even in court. It is obtained from the Cadastral Committee for the location of the acquired property in the presence of a certified state interpreter. The buyer's information is entered into the Cadastre and the buyer is given a cadastral register document TAPU.

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