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3 stages of exit from a full lockdown

On Friday the Turkish press HaberTürk published an article, reporting a detailed stage-by-stage plan for the country's exit from a full lockdown

HaberTürk divided the "period of normalization" into three stages, which, after the decision of the Turkish Cabinet of Ministers, will start on May 17, June 1, and July 1:

1st stage (from May 17):

  • Restaurants and cafes will be able to accommodate guests only outdoors (verandas, gardens, courtyards, etc.). Municipalities will support the establishment of such places for eateries without external placements

  • Companies and enterprises will be able to work until 21:00

  • The weekend curfew will be introduced only on Sundays

  • Students will continue their online education

2nd stage (from June 1):

  • The weekend curfew will be canceled

  • Eateries and entertainment establishments will be open until 22:45, but only outdoors

  • Government employees will be able to go on vacation

  • Education will remain online until the end of the academic year

3rd stage (from July 1):

  • After the completion of the main stages of vaccination, most of the restrictions will be lifted

  • Eateries and entertainment establishments will be able to receive clients indoors

  • Schools will remain closed until September (start of the new academic year)

The article also notes that if the epidemiological situation worsens, the timing and measures can be changed until the majority of the population is vaccinated.

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