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TAPU (A Certificate of Ownership)

What is a TAPU?

TAPU is the only legal document certifying ownership of a property in Turkey. The document includes the owner’s full name and details of the property. The final act of registration of ownership during the sale is the issuance of this document. This official document is issued  by the Land Registry Directorate (Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü). The title deed has to be sealed with a stamp in the central part at the bottom of the document.

Tapu contains data on registration of the object in the register of Cadastral Agency, information about the location of the object, cadastral value of the object, names of the previous and new owner or owners of property. The area of the acquired property is not indicated in Tapu. 

The value of a property registered in Tapu is often much lower than the real sale value of the property,  and it cannot be lower than the cadastral value.

List of required documents to obtain a certificate of ownership:

1. Original and copy of your passport
2.  A Taxpayer identification number (issued by the tax service of Alanya within 15-20 minutes).

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