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Process of buying property in Turkey

The process of buying property in Turkey is quite simple. All objects that our company deals with are passed an appropriate verification procedure.

Real Estate Sales Process

1. Property selection (Apartments in Turkey, Villas in Turkey);

2. Signing a Sales contract.

The signing of the sales contract by the parties (or their authorized representatives). It contains information from the parties to the transaction, the property, terms and conditions of payment, obligations of the parties. To sign a contract, the buyer needs only a passport. The contract must be made in two copies and in several languages: Russian (or another language of the buyer's country) and Turkish / English.

3. Getting a tax number.

Taxpayer Identification Number  (receiving in 20 minutes in Alanya)

4. Opening a bank account.

You will need a bank account in Turkey in the future to pay for utilities.

5. Payment.

You will pay for your property in Turkey 

It must be written in the contract, the schedule of payments is also indicated there. At the time of receiving the TAPU, the property must be fully paid.

6. Getting a TAPU.

The issuance of TAPU (title deed) takes place in the presence of a state translator in the Cadastral Office. The buyer pays a one-time tax on the purchase of real estate, which is 4% of the cadastral estimated value of the property declared in Tapu (which is usually lower than the market value of the property).

As a rule, the deadline for receiving TAPU is up to 2-3 days from the moment the seller submits the application to the Cadastral Office. After that, the buyer becomes the full owner of the property in Turkey.

The final stage of the transaction is - electricity and water subscriptions. You can read more about this on our website in the section “Services” - “Electricity and Water Subscriptions”.

Power of Attorney (optional)

If needed and if you wish, you can authorize your real estate agent or another trustable person as your Power of Attorney. The process for issuing a Power of Attorney takes place in a notary public agency in the presence of a state translator. The Power of Attorney contains power only for the necessary procedures required to complete the property purchase, as well as getting electricity/water subscriptions and property insurance.

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