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The Turkish lira goes up

The changes of the Turkish Finance Minister and the head of the Central Bank, as well as the change in the economic rate proposed by the new head of the Ministry of Finance, have a positive impact on the local currency exchange rate. Recently, the US dollar broke the record mark of 8.5 Turkish liras, and for 1 euro they gave more than 10 Turkish liras. However, thanks to the Central Bank's increase in rates, which President Erdogan so actively opposes, the lira returned to its pre-crisis level in August 2020. The new chairman of the Central Bank of Turkey, Naji Agbal, earlier noted that the exchange rate of the lira will go into "free-floating" and the authorities don’t intend, as before, to pour huge currency masses to support it. Today, the protests in Washington also played a role in strengthening the lira by 0.7%. As of [13:00] January 07, 2021:

1 USD = 7.25 TL

1 EUR = 8,90 TL

1 gr Au = 446,20 TL

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