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Since 2010, Zera Homes has been helping to buy property in Türkiye and supporting you at all stages of transactions.

Our portfolio includes more than 3000 apartments and villas in Alanya, Mersin, and Istanbul. Every day, we update our database with at least 20 new objects.

Our managers will help you find a property according to your needs and abilities:

  • real estate by the sea
  • affordable real estate
  • apartment in Türkiye
  • Villa in Türkiye
  • furnished apartment or villa in Türkiye
  • with the schools in Alanya or Mersin nearby
  • in areas open for obtaining a Turkish residence permit

Our staff :

  • How to buy property in Alanya?
  • How to choose the right villa in Alanya?
  • How to get a mortgage loan in Türkiye?

Where to apply for re-registration of Mediterranean real estate?

We can help you profitably invest in real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye. According to Zera Homes policy, we only engage in transparent transactions. We always invite professional lawyers to monitor the transactions' legality.

If you haven't found what suits you best on our website or have no time to look through all the offers, just fill in the application form. Our managers will contact you shortly to provide the necessary information about the real estate acquisition in Türkiye.