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Property in Demirtaş

Property in Demirtaş

Many of us have dreamed of a house by the sea in a secluded place far from the hustle and bustle, but with all the benefits of civilization. The ideal option for such housing can be a villa in Demirtaş – a village 25 km from the center of Alanya. Our company makes your dreams come true by selecting the property in Turkey that meets your needs. Private houses and apartments in Demirtaş are in high demand, and soon this village may become the most popular in the real estate market in Turkey. Buying an apartment in Demirtaş means not only buying a house by the sea, but also making a profitable investment.

Demirtaş  is one of the most remote and calm areas of Alanya, there are no large hotels, noisy tourists and fuss. It is located closest to Gazipaşa Airport - only 15 km, and the distance to the Center of Alanya is 25 km. The population is only 3,000 people, who are mainly engaged in agriculture, so you can always get fresh goat cheese, homemade cottage cheese and fresh milk, fresh fruits and vegetables the whole year. Among the attractions of this area, it is worth noting the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Siedra, the incredibly beautiful Sapadere Canyon with three waterfalls, the unique wild beach where turtles come for laying eggs and clean sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the water. A lot of real estate is located here on the first line; the area continues to be actively built up with residential buildings and infrastructure. It’s ideal place for those who love silence, tranquility, picturesque nature and beautiful panoramic views. 

Real estate in Demirtaş is attractive thanks to affordable prices, because many foreign customers don’t know much about this village. Our company offers you an inspection tour, during which you can personally see the beauty of this area, get acquainted with real estate options and become a full owner of apartment in Alanya. Our specialists will help you prepare all necessary documents, as well as insure your property 

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