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Property in Gazipasa

Property in Gazipasa

It’s not a secret that the Antalya coast is one of the most attractive regions of Turkey in the foreign real estate market. Apartments in Alanya from real estate developer are in increasing demand among Turkish residents and foreign buyers. If you want to buy an apartment in Alanya, you should pay attention to those areas that have great potential and are developing rapidly. An excellent example is the village of Gazipaşa, where the international airport was opened in 2010, and the largest shopping center in Alanya was built in 2020. This village combines all the best of all areas: cleanliness and comfort, beautiful beaches, historical sites, as well as developed infrastructure. Real estate in Gazipaşa has undeniable advantages, but at the same time affordable prices. 

Gazipaşa is the small cozy town, a place where nature has retained its primitive species, a real paradise among the districts of Alanya. The distance to the Center of Alanya is 40 km, and the population is about 60 thousand people, most of them are engaged in agriculture. It means that you will always have natural meat and dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. This is one of the most environmentally friendly areas of Turkey because there is no industry. After the Gazipaşa airport was opened, the town began to be actively built up, but there are not a lot of hotels, tourists and fuss. The main attractions here are the ruins of ancient cities - Antioch-ad-Kragum, Nefelis, Selinus, Lamus with their Temples, sarcophagus and Roman baths, Kizilin cave and wild beaches where turtles come for laying eggs. Banana and pomegranate plantations (seedless pomegranate is cultivated just in Gazipaşa), greenhouses where fresh vegetables and fruits are grown all year round, sandy beaches with wild inlets, crystal clear sea water make this place a paradise for living, and the active development of this area makes the acquisition of real estate here very profitable investment.

Real estate developers of Alanya have noted long time ago that Gazipaşa becomes more popular in the Turkish real estate market. The area is ideal for permanent residence, so if you want to get ikamet in Turkey, our specialists will help you with this 

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