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Alanya is a popular Turkish resort located on the Mediterranean Sea. The weather in Alanya is one of the most comfortable for life. That’s why property in Alanya is so popular.

In 2019 Alanya population was 327.503 officially. In 2022 the Alanya population raised almost twice because of political issues. After the earthquake in Turkey 2023 the Alanya population is going to grow more because Alanya is one of the safest places according to the map. So that the Real estate prices in Alanya are not going to fall.

If you move to Alanya, you will get 300 sunny days a year, fresh air, sandy beaches, and fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. The weather in Alanya Turkey and real estate in Alanya give you the great opportunity to walk along the promenade all year round.

The owners of apartments in Alanya live in the sunniest region on the Mediterranean coast. In summer, the average temperature in Alanya is 30-35 degrees, and in winter the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees. The average Alanya sea temperature is 23 degrees, so having real estate in Alanya is a chance to swim in the sea till late November.

The great advantage is the international Alanya airport, located in Gazipasha 40 km far from Alanya city center.

All these features make real estate in Alanya for sale so popular among investors:

  • Apartments for sale in Alanya Turkey,
  • Houses for sale in Alanya Turkey,
  • Villas for sale in Alanya Turkey,
  • Homes for sale in Alanya Turkey,

Any type of income from property in Alanya is possible here. You can buy real estate in Alanya under construction and earn with a price difference up to 30%. Or you can buy a furnished apartment in Alanya near the sea and give it for short-term rent, in this case, you’ll get a passive income of about 7% in euros yearly. An example of the perfect apartment as an investment to give it rent is by this link. The photos are real, this apartment is made using our brand design.

Alanya what to visit

If you are not an investor and want a property in Alanya to live with Turkish residence permit, let’s see what having real estate in Alanya gives you.

The 70 km-long Alanya beaches are included in the top 10 best beaches in Türkiye and have received the international Blue Flag award. Here are the Top 5 Alanya what to see:

  • Red Tower & Shipyard
  • the cable car and visit Alanya Castle
  • Damlataş Caves
  • Dim Çayı River
  • Discover Sapadere Canyon

There are a lot of Alanya places to go, historical places, and parks in Alanya. So, buying the property in Alanya gives you an opportunity to never get bored.

More information about Turkey and Alanya attractions we write in our blog.

Property facilities in Alanya

Zera Homes builds hotel-like real estate in Alanya for sale. Most of the apartments for sale in Alanya Turkey we offer are located within walking distance from the sea and have swimming pools, aqua parks, spas and hammams, barbeque zones, playrooms for kids, and other amenities. Property in Alanya is more than a home.

Resale or second-hand property for sale in Alanya. We always renew our real estate in Alanya base with new buildings and second-hand property in Alanya. It includes the property for sale in Alanya Turkey with and without layout facilities. So, if you don’t want to have any extra amenities in your property in Alanya, please inform our manager, so your research of real estate in Alanya Turkey will be targeted specifically for your request. 

A detailed description of properties in Alanya Turkey for sale and infrastructure can be found on our website.

How much does it cost to live in Alanya?

Alanya produces a significant amount of all agricultural products in the country. Hence buying property in Alanya you also buy the all-year-round joy of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Türkiye SUPPORTS local producers, so avocados, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, and other products are a usual food for owners of real estate in Alanya. They are delivered to your table right from the farms. So, prices in Türkiyeare affordable. 

In the summer season, prices in Alanya for products and property in Alanya might be a little higher than in Mersin, because of the tourist season.

What are Turkish people good at?

Turkish workers are famous for their speed and efficiency in building real estate in Alanya and anywhere else in the world. Alanya became a city, but 10 years ago it was absolutely a small town, and Mahmutlar was a small village. The affordable prices for real estate in Alanya make it so popular.

Now if you buy a property in Mahmutlar or property in Alanya you will have all you need for life nearby: banks, hospitals, schools, and of course the sea, sand and sun. 

Even the last tragedy, the earthquake in Turkey could have much worse consequences with real estate in Alanya. It’s very pitiful that a lot of houses in the east were destroyed, but a lot of them could stand no matter the very powerful impact. The property in Alanya has no damages.

How much is an apartment in Alanya

Right now, in 2023 Property in Alanya for sale starts from 80 000 euros under construction. And there is no reason to wait for the real estate in Alanya price to fall down. People from the southeast are coming to Alanya because it’s one of the safest regions now. Our furnished apartment in Alanya for sale starts from 136 000 euros with the fresh renovation and brand-new furniture. Prices for villas for sale in Alanya Turkey start from 200 000 euros for townhouses. If you want villas for sale in Alanya Turkey on your own land without neighbors, the prices will start from 300 000 euros.

7 benefits of the old fund apartments for sale in Alanya

  1. Price for property in Alanya for sale

For example, the price for a three-bedroom apartment with an area of 140 sq.m in a new building, two minutes from the Saturday market in Mahmutlar, starts from 200,000 euros.

The same real estate in Alanya in the old fund costs 136,000 euros.

Here is the link to the 3+1 property in Alanya 350 meters from the sea and 100 meters from the Saturday market

  1. A separate room for each family member

The old housing fund has larger rooms in the property in Alanya.

A typical old stock apartment in Alanya Turkey has two bathrooms, two balconies, and at least two bedrooms.

And a few words about balconies. In old real estate in Alanya, they are huge!

Here is a great example, an apartment in Alanya with a big balcony

We have completely renovated this apartment in Mahmutlar and it is ready to move in. Our apartments in Alanyahave new plumbing, furniture, and design. All photos are real and show how our real estate in Alanya looks now.

  1. Apartment for sale in Alanya near the sea

The old housing stock in Alanya is located in the city center next to the sea. Previously, there was no need to build houses for sale in Alanya on the mountain. So, property in Alanya were built on a flat area just 100-300 meters from the sea.

  1. Renovated apartments in Alanya Turkey

In Turkey, after 35 years of operation, the owners renovate their property in Alanya. This means that buildings are completely cleared or demolished and rebuilt. Since together with the apartment in Alanya you buy a piece of land on which the house is built, you automatically get real estate in Alanya in a renovated building.

  1. How much is Aidat in Alanya

The monthly maintenance fee for older property in Alanya is much less than for new buildings. On the territory of the old fund, there is only a small garden and, perhaps, a pool. There are houses without any extra amenities, so you won’t pay much aidat for your real estate in Alanya.

  1. Safe buildings

The houses of the old stock stood the test of time in every sense. This is the advantage of all old property in Alanya:

- you can see all the wall cracks and the state of the area around the building;

- you know who your neighbors are, how many people live next to you, and how they decorate their houses in Alanya.

  1. How to learn Turkish fast?

For some people, this benefit of real estate in Alanya may cause some doubts. Turks are very sociable and their children can be very noisy. And if you want peace and quiet, this can hardly be called an advantage.

In fact, if you get a property in Alanya and your neighbors are Turks then:

- it will help you learn Turkish culture and adapt to their traditions;

- you will speak Turkish faster than you think, even if foreign languages aren't your thing.

In other words, having real estate in Alanya with such neighbors, you get an excellent school of Turkish life and you will definitely fall in love with this country and it’s traditions.

Of course, these are not all the benefits of the old housing stock and having the property in Alanya. 

Here we only take a closer look at renovated real estate in Alanya Turkey from Zera Homes. We took out all the garbage, completely cleaned and repaired each of our apartments in Mahmutlar and Alanya, and equipped it with new stuff: from a sofa to a teaspoon.

Zera Homes has turned old fund house apartments in Alanya into places that have never been lived in before. All apartments in Alanya from Zera Homes are insured for 2 years under the system of full real estate insurance.

When buying an apartment in Alanya from the Zera Homes company you will get Property insurance service as a gift. So, if you want to buy property in Alanya you should remember that Alaya and Mersin are the safest zones in Turkey. All Zera Homes apartments for sale in Alanya are covered by insurance.

So, for every customer, we arrange the DASK insurance which is a must and extra property insurance as a benefit for choosing us. By buying an apartment in Alanya from Zera Homes you get the every-step service: we help you with Iskan, Tapu, and tax ID and after all, we arrange insurance for your new property in Turkey.

If you have further questions about secured real estate in Alanya from Zera Homes or would like to check out some of the options for ready-to-move apartments in Alanya, leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly.