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Mersin is a metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea with a well-developed infrastructure. Property here can become a profitable investment in Real Estate. This is a huge potential that has not yet been realized and is not yet included in the real estate price in Mersin.

Pros of buying real estate in Mersin:

  1. The construction of the metro system is in progress. According to the project, the first line will have eleven stations. Several more lines are planned to be built.
  2. The first stage of the Çukurova international airport construction, located 45 km from the city, will be completed at the end of 2022.

These factors provide price growth potential. New construction projects are a great chance to enter the deal at the initial stage, get an installment plan, and have a growth potential of 20-40% in euros.

The Mersin beaches also receive the international Blue Flag award. In addition, Mersin is known for its universities and the largest seaport. It also preserves the historical heritage of the Hittites, Greeks, and Romans.

The living cost in Mersin is much cheaper than in Europe, and its quality is in no way inferior or even superior.

There are still many areas in Alanya and Mersin open for obtaining both short-term and long-term turkish residence permits.