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Mersin is a metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea with a well-developed infrastructure. Property in Mersin can become a profitable investment in Real Estate. The huge investment potential of this area is not yet included in the cost of real estate in Mersin.

Why invest in property in Mersin?

Pros of buying real estate in Mersin:

One of the most obvious reasons that everybody talks about is the Çukurova international airport, located 45 km from the city. The first stage of its construction was completed at the end of 2022.

There are also some other reasons, and we’ll talk about all of them later in this article.

However, the main thing is that new construction projects in Mersin are a great chance to jump into the first phase of the construction, get an installment plan, and have a growth potential of 20-40% in euros.

Is Mersin a good place to live?

The Mersin beaches are one of the best in the country, which is confirmed by the international Blue Flag Award. Also, Mersin is known for its prestigious universities and the largest seaport. In addition, it preserves the historical heritage of the Hittites, Greeks, and Romans.

The living cost in Mersin is much cheaper than in Europe; however, the quality of life is in no way inferior and even superior at some points.

Moreover, there are still many areas in Alanya and Mersin open for obtaining both short-term and long-term Turkish residence permits.

What are the prices of real estate in Mersin

Since Mersin has not yet become a tourist resort, the prices for real estate in Mersin are not as high as in Antalya, Alanya, or Istanbul. The following factors confirm that in the real estate market, Mersin is undervalued:

  • Mediterranean sea and long beaches
  • The climate is a little hotter than in Alanya
  • A modern city with a well-developed infrastructure and a huge growth potential

Currently, apartments 1+1 in Mersin can be purchased for 60,000 Euros only!

At the moment, we still have some apartments in Mersin under construction for 60-70 thousand euros, but prices are growing as fast as a new airport is being built. With every stage of the airport and subway construction, the prices get higher and higher.  If you buy one of them now, it can bring you up to +30% income in euros, but you should hurry up. Mersin is a gem, which will soon be discovered.

New apartments with sea and mountains view in Mersin - a complex under construction in Silifke

Hotel-like residential complexes in Mersin

Usually, for residents of the complexes and real estate in Mersin, hotel-like facilities are provided, such as a swimming pool, an aqua park, a kid’s zone, a green park, a barbeque zone, security or concierge service, and on-site parking. Also, we have a huge portfolio of second-hand property in Mersin, old-school “Turkish style” buildings with and without equipped adjoining territory.  

Please, contact us via pop-chat or leave your phone number and we will call you back. We can provide any information you need about real estate in Mersin.

Why it is better to buy the real estate in Mersin at the construction stage

Firstly, the cost. At the excavation stage, the price for Real Estate in Mersin is the lowest. It grows together with the building, and each floor adds extra zeros to the original cost.

So we have two news for you.
The bad one: there is a risk of overpaying if you’re thinking and doubting too long. 
The good one: there is a great opportunity to earn money. By the end of construction, the profit from investing in property in Mersin may grow by 30-40%.

Secondly, a better choice. Not everyone is ready buy an unfinished property in Mersin or wait until the construction is completed. Therefore, you will have more options to choose from. You can choose the number of bedrooms, layout, floor, and even the view. 

Here you can buy property in Mersin on the first coastline, a beachfront apartment with a panoramic view.

Thirdly, since it’s a new building, nobody has lived there before. You will be the first and only owner of the brand-new apartment in Mersin. No need to worry that somebody else could have a right to your property, and there will be no complications with ownership registration.

Other undoubted advantages of buying a property in Mersin:

  • interest-free installments
  • the down payment is 35% of the total cost; the remaining amount will be divided into equal installments that should be paid before the end of the construction.

Buying real estate at the construction stage is for those who:
- looking for a safe investment in property in Mersin to earn now or in the future
- not in a hurry to move into a new home and can wait a year or two until the end of construction
- want to be the sole owner of a brand-new property in Mersin

If you are interested in a property under construction, send us DM and the Zera Homes managers will offer the most profitable apartments at the construction phase in Mersin.

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Deciding on buying real estate in  Mersin can be very complicated due to little information on the internet about properties in Mersin, Turkey for sale, the weather in Mersin, Mersin attractions, Mersin sea, Mersin population, places to go in Mersin, and how much does the life in Mersin cost. We answer all these questions on our blog and Instagram.

So, follow us, send us your questions, and we will prepare detailed information about life in Mersin and apartments for sale in Mersin, Turkiye.

All you need to buy property in Mersin with Zera Homes is to issue an official power of attorney for us at the Turkish embassy or consulate.

On this website, you can find current real estate prices in Mersin, Türkiye and villas for sale in Mersin.

Our managers will help you choose your dream apartment from the catalog of more than 3000 apartments in Mersin and villas in Mersin. We monitor the real estate market and daily update our database. Every day we add at least 20 new objects.

Top 3 reasons to buy a property in Mersin

Mersin has already risen in cost significantly. Due to many foreign policy factors, real estate prices in Mersin have almost doubled. And yet, Mersin still differs from other Turkish cities.

A huge potential of a property in Mersin has been realized only recently.

1. Mersin is a megalopolis, just like the well-known Antalya with developed infrastructure; however, the cost of living here is lower than in Antalya. This applies to products, furniture, and the purchase of real estate in Mersin.

2. The Cukurova Airport in Mersin is the second largest passenger harbor in Turkey and one of the largest international hubs.

The airport will be located 45 km from Mersin. Thus, the prices for a property in Mersin will rise sharply as soon as the airport will be opened.⠀

  1. Profit. A lot of new projects allow you to jump into the first phase of the construction in Mersin, get an installment plan, and have a growth potential of 20-40% in euros. What do you think? It seems just perfect to us! You can protect your money from inflation and falling stock markets and also make a profit on it! Currently, only Real estate in Mersin can give such a profit.

There are a lot of districts in Mersin, where you can still apply for a residence permit when you buy a property in Mersin.

In addition to all of the above, Mersin has many prestigious universities, the country's largest seaport, Blue Flag Award beaches, and the historical heritage of the Hittites, Greeks, and Romans ...

All these factors make real estate in Mersin extremely profitable.

Give yourself a test drive of life in Mersin. Contact us, and we will tell you how you can do it.