Apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment
  • Last Update: 15/04/2021

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How to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment 

Turkish citizenship is certainly a huge advantage, especially if you own real estate here and permanently reside in the territory of the Republic of Turkey.  Here you can learn more about the benefits of a Turkish passport. 

If you invest in real estate in Turkey, you can get Turkish citizenship. And not only you. Your spouse and your children under 18 are also eligible for Turkish passports. 

Mandatory requirements when applying for citizenship: 

  • Applicant has invested at least US$400,000 in real estate: this can be one property or several units, but combined into one contract. 
  • An expert from the relevant authorities should assess the property. The minimum value of the property must be US$400,000 according to the cadastral valuation. 
  • The official declared value of the property must be at least US$400,000 at the time of signing the contract and/or handing over the title deed at the Turkish Cadastral Office. 
  • The applicant cannot sell the property for three years. 
  • The total property price should be paid to the seller by bank transfer in Turkish Lira. Payment should be confirmed by bank receipt, which indicates that the transaction was made from the buyer's account to the seller's account. 
  • This property cannot be registered in the name of another person, including the applicant's spouse or children.

Latest Changes in Turkey Property Purchase Law 2023 

From 2023, it is impossible to divide one property into several shares and obtain citizenship for part of it. One object - one contract - one owner. 

For example, if real estate is purchased for citizenship, passports are issued not only to the owner but also to their family. The head of the family is indicated in the title deed (tapu) as the owner. A spouse and their children under 18 can obtain citizenship based on the owner's documents. 

If you are not related or married, you cannot buy an apartment, divide it into shares and get passports. 

  1.     One Object - One Passport. This rule applies to unrelated people who want to receive a passport for owning a share. 

If you buy three or more units to obtain Turkish citizenship by the total investment amount, there must be one contract for all properties. 

  1.     The previous owner of the property must be a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years!
  2.     The property has not previously been used to obtain citizenship. After you get citizenship for the purchased property in Alanya, no one else can get citizenship for it.

Each unit must be verified and approved whether it is suitable for obtaining citizenship. Zera Homes managers will do it before the contract is signed. 

❗️To avoid problems and complications with obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, ALWAYS follow the simple rules: 

  1.     Always tell your manager the reason for buying a property. This will save you time as we will only offer properties that match your request.
  2.     Let us know if you plan to get a passport for the total amount of investment in several properties. Our experts will check each of them whether they match your request or not.

Zera Homes keeps a close eye on updates. Stay tuned to be aware of real estate law changes.

Documents required when applying for Turkish Citizenship by Investment: 

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • 12 biometric photographs of the applicant
  • Birth certificate with apostille
  • Medical insurance
  • Resident card
  • Marriage certificate with an apostille or divorce certificate with an apostille,
  • If the applicant is widowed, spouse's death certificate
  • Tax receipt
  • Power of attorney
  • Certificate of ownership or document confirming the purchase of real estate
  • All documents must be notarized and translated into Turkish by a sworn translator.


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