How to transfer money to buy a property in Turkey?
  • Last Update: 06/10/2022

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a possibility to pay via credit card using PayPass… It’s a bit more difficult, but not soooo complicated as many people think

Fortunately, Turkey is one the most loyal countries in the case of investing, Zera Homes is very experienced in receiving payments from every European country. 

Let’s figure it out, what is the procedure for buying property in Turkey with Zera Homes?

Step 1. Choose the property according to your purpose:

  • investing
  • passive income
  • life (residence permit)
  • Turkish passport

Step 2. Contract of sale property in Turkey:

We will prepare a contract for you strictly all rules, so you shouldn’t make any translations, we will make it in your language and acceptable in your bank

Step 3. Bank transfer to Turkish bank:

 We can recommend several banks to work with but since they have different fees for their services you should make the final decision which one is the best for you.

You should be ready that most likely the bank will ask you for an income statement. And that’s all, you don’t need anything else. A bank will transfer money to us. 

After we receive the payment, we arrange everything so as a final step you get your tapu - a document confirming the ownership rights to the acquired real estate in Turkey.

As you see Zera Homes will support you in every step, so purchasing an apartment in Turkey will be very pleasant and easy. 

If you have any questions about property in Alanya in Mersin, don't hesitate to contact us in pop-up chat.

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