Mortgage for foreigners in Turkey
  • Last Update: 20/03/2021

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Have you ever considered the purchase of property in Turkey, but you didn\'t have sufficient financial. It\'s not a problem, we will help you.
«Zera Homes» offers its customers assistance in getting a mortgage on the most favorable terms. Our experienced specialists will give you detailed info how to buy property in Turkey. Our specialist will provide support on every stage of the process from picking up a bank and a product that suits you best and collecting all necessary documents to supporting you in mortgage rates and conditions negotiations up to the point of purchase and ownership registration (TAPU).

List of required documents for foreign citizens to apply for a mortgage in Turkish bank:

  1. Original passport, copy and notarized translation;
  2. A Taxpayer identification number (issued by the tax service of Alanya);
  3. Registration address. As a supporting document, you can provide a residence permit or utility bills, which indicates the name of the client and the actual address of residence.
  4. Proof of income (officially signed and sealed);
  5. Tapu (A Certificate of ownership) copy of the property in question;
  6. Employment verification letter, indicating the position and length of service of the employee (confirmed by the signature and seal of the employer);
  7. An official document containing the history of the applicant’s credit operations in the country of residence;
  8. Bank statement on cash flow in the account for the last 3 months (for the business owners);
  9. Paid (in the country of residence) house bills.

All documents must be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator in Turkey.
Mortgage in Turkey - features:

  • The maximum mortgage amount of the estimated value of the object is - 50%;
  • The rate of interest is fixed;
  • Foreigners can get a mortgage in Euros, Dollars, Turkish Lira;
  • Additional costs for registration of insurance and other documents, approximately 2-2.5% of the mortgage amount;
  • Paying off your mortgage early entitles your bank to charge prepayment penalty calculated as 2% of the amount due on the payoff date;
  • Credit term from 1 year to 10 years;
  • Borrower age from 25 to 60 years;
  • The work of a loan officer is paid separately.

Turkish bank considers the application within 3 days and then, the bank sends an independent expert to evaluate the property you want to purchase. Following the expert assessment, the bank loan is approved, we begin to collect all the necessary documents to get a TAPU (a certificate of ownership).
If you require any further information about getting a mortgage in Turkey, feel free to contact us!

The updates about what a foreigner needs to open a bank account and get a mortgage in Turkey you can find on our website by this link.

Can foreigners get a loan or mortgage in a Turkish Bank?

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